Valentines Day

food-valentines-day-10These happy little hearts filled with edible gardens POMEGRANATE Reduction are bright and pretty as punch.. You can use a variety of cheeses, that can with-stand a heart imprint.


Valentines and strawberries go hand in hand, even if they are not in season for much of the western world. I like to add some FIG & FIRE Balsamic Reduction to my Chocolate fondue to give it a very definite kick and sweet heat.  A drizzle of any in our reduction family, will dress up your regular old chocolate fondue.


Pomegranates, once the sacred symbol of prosperity and fertility, are now popular for their incredible flavour, gorgeous red ruby color and vitamin packed benefits.  Our POMEGRANATE Balsamic Reduction is the perfect color and flavour for this Valentines Day.


Drizzle on baby greens with orange slices, blue cheese and walnuts for a spectacular side dish this Valentines.

Finish off your Valentines Day dinner with a light but adult twist on Vanilla ice cream and balsamic

edible gardens ESPRESSO Balsamic Reduction on Vanilla ice Cream with shaved chocolate! Light but Delicious!

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Happy Valentines Day!