Gourmet Spice and Salt



Herbes de Provence

Our classic combination of Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Savory, Fennel and Food Grade Lavender captures the flavors of sunny France with a delightful seasoning that compliments everything from rack of lamb to leek and artichoke crepes.


Santa Fe South Western

Prepare stellar Tex-Mex with plenty of fire using this premium blend of Spanish Paprika, Mexican Chili Powder, Cumin, Cayenne and Peppers..perfect for spicy enchiladas, salsa’s, ceviche..anywhere your need some southern heat.


Tuscan Kitchen

 inspired from the rustic Italian herb gardens and the aromatic citrus groves that grace the hillside..fragrant with real oranges and remarkably flavourful..add a dash on grilled vegetables and fried yams or new potatoes to omelettes and sautéed mushrooms you can add this orangey everyday spice to almost anything.



3 thoughts on “Gourmet Spice and Salt

  1. Would love to purchase your herb blends. Went to a cooking presentation at Hester Creek Winery and the chef used your Tuscan Kitchen Blend. Where can I get this in time for Christmas?

    • Thanks Sarah! The spices are on their way to your door for Christmas! What an honour having our herbs in a cooking presentation at Hester Creek Winery. Watch for more chef parings in 2015! Merry Christmas!

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