Balsamic Spreads


Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic Spread

This spread is rich and dark,  full of pure chocolate and ripe ruby raspberries. It is the perfect pairing for goat cheese, soft brie, or a cream cheese,

Our Mission Fig Balsamic Spread is rich and thick, dark and sweet. Hand picked at their peak of freshness, these California sun kissed figs from the protected co-operative farms are sent directly to the kitchens of edible gardens where the fruits are gently married with our fine balsamic vinegars and simmered until the flavors unite and create an unusually delicious savory spread reminiscent of warm summer afternoons in the orchards. This is the perfect topping for warm Brie right out of the oven.

Wrapped in Pink and ready to party!  Date and Cherry Balsamic Spread …using the sweet plump Okanagan Tart Cherries from the interior married with the “oh so healthy” fiber, potassium and manganese rich dates of California. Benefits of dates are uncountable as the fruit has for generations been chock-a-block full of healthy vitamins and minerals –

TRY Date and Cherry Balsamic Spread spread on a fresh Italian loaf.  Add wilted spinach, and top with crumbled Blue Cheese. Toast under the grill until cheese is melted and serve in bite size appetizers. Philo purses filled with goat’s cheese and edible garden’s TRIO of  Balsamic Spreads make entertaining easy. Quite simply these  spreads are heaven in a jar!

All flavours are available on their own, or in this perfect hostess gift pack from edible gardens.

 Entertaining is a snap, with these trio packs. Simply warm some flat bread, and serve with a soft goat cheese. Guests can mix and match balsamic spreads, served in small turreans with ample cheese knives. 


Coastal Cranberry Balsamic Spread-  Our Coastal Cranberry Balsamic Spread contains one whole cup of plump premium berries in each and every jar.  It is rich in antioxidants and blessed with a royal ruby color. It is sweet enough for spreading on warm morning artisan breads, or for giving grilled fish and chicken a glorious glaze. Available seasonally from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Deliciously savoury and sweet this spread is ideal on a warm brie and walnuts for a decadent appetizer over the holidays.

 baked brie

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