Holiday Magic

with edible gardens artisan jewels made from the finest fruits and herbs harvested from the orchards and fields of beautiful British Columbia. Created with love, in small batches for premium freshness and quality these products provide the perfect link between the field and the urban table. Our line of premium artisanal balsamics, have been a Christmas favorite since 1997. Celebrating our 18th year of business last year, we introduced, our 18 year Balsamic Reserve, a real treat for food aficionados who enjoy the finest barrel aged balsamic to hit the marketplace. These are perfect gifts.


We have something for everyone.  Corporate, Neighbor, Client, BF, all sizes of presents from individual jars of balsamic jewels to brimming beautiful bowls filled with edible gardens products and sophisticated packaging that says quality artisan BC products made by hand and with dedicated passion. Let us know how we can help you fill your gift list or WOW your clients with one of our amazingly beautiful gift bowls. Since we own the company lol we can build a gift bowl that is amazingly beautiful for a fraction of the price of other gift basket businesses. Email or phone us with your gift requests!

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