7 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. My best party appie…asked for all the time:
    Naan flat bread (sea salt and pepper)
    Boursin cheese cracked pepper
    1 large sweet onion
    tablespoon mayple syrup
    cherry tomatoes
    arugula leaves
    fig and fire balsamic

    Heat oven 325
    slice onion and caramelize it….add maple syrup …
    spread naan flat bread with cheese and top with onion mixture
    put in oven until cheese is soft and bread is warmed (5 mins)
    remove from oven
    cover naan with arrugula then add tomatoes which have sliced in half
    drizzle fig and fire over the top of this
    a bit of course sea salt and peper

    ENJOY….this is by far the best flavor combo ever!!!

  2. Divine Salad Dressing

    1/4 c your favourite Edible Gardens Balsamic Reduction
    1/4c good quality balsamic vinegar
    1/4 c good quality olive oil
    3 cloves crushed chopped garlic (or not)
    1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper

    Put all in container with lid. Shake well. Use as needed.

  3. Just created the best salad! I didn’t measure anything so add however much you want until it taste great!

    a fresh peach
    crushed peanuts
    cheddar cubes
    green onion
    thin slices of bbq pork
    Balsamic Reduction Pomegranate

  4. A neighbor just gave me a bottle of Ginger Fig Balsamic Vinegar for watching their pet while on vacation in Canada. Can you give me some recipes so I can use this vinegar, I have no idea what to put it on.

    • Hello and Thank you for your email!
      The Ginger-Fig Balsamic is a true classic present from Canada!
      How wonderful!
      The Balsamic is lovely to finish Salmon on the BBQ. Just drizzle a tablespoon on the salmon when you serve it.
      It is also lovely mixed with Olive Oil for dipping artisan breads.
      It is great as a salad dressing on spinach salad, with crumbled feta. Just mix half and half oil and balsamic.
      The Ginger-Fig is also a fabulous marinade for chicken, ribs, or a more economical cut of meat.
      Let me know how you enjoy it and there are more recipes on the website you visited to contact me.

  5. Good day. The products are scrumptous and I love your story, while the facts are this is Canadian excellence.
    As a professional Promotional Host, I’d enjoy becoming an active part of promoting this Canadian excellence, including becoming part of the team producing Edible Gardens products. Whether production, sales, or distribution, IF ever Edible Gardens is hiring -please contact me. I’m a healthy, vibrant early 50’s mom & grand mom-who raised a family as a professional promoter attending trade shows, markets and community events. Forever alert to excellence and a visionary who especially thinks it to be an awesome idea to have me aid in delivering
    Edible Gardens products to our Okanagan, and North Shuswap areas of BC 🙂 !

    • Thanks Judith for your kind words! If the opportunity arises we will keep you in mind!
      See you soon at the Penticton Farmers Markets!
      Cheers for now,
      edible gardens

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