Crowd Pleasers

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Strawberry & Fig Reduction

Delicious fresh Fraser Valley Strawberries marry with the deep dark robust Figs of California, and then in big copper kettles, we slowly simmer the flavors together to produce a thick, rich, balsamic reduction that is a delight on summer salads, roasted vegetables, marinades, drizzled on fresh strawberries, or for grilled peaches this summer on the BBQ.

This is our latest edition to the edible gardens family

Our 18 year Balsamic Vinegar is rich, velvety, ultra versatile and is among the most prized of the Modena Italian elixirs having been slowly time aged in oak barrels. Our Barrel Aged Balsamic, full bodies, thick and sweet, is about to be your favourite condiment.  Drip on fresh strawberries, shaved Parmesan, prosciutto, baby greens, tomatoes and just picked pears. This is a lovely gift as well for any Foodie who desires the best Balsamic on the market.

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