Balsamic Reductions

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Strawberry & Fig Balsamic Reduction

Delicious fresh Fraser Valley Strawberries marry with the deep dark robust sunkissed figs, and then in big copper kettles, we slowly simmer the flavors together to produce a thick, rich, balsamic reduction that is a delight on summer salads, roasted vegetables, marinades, drizzled on fresh strawberries, or for grilled peaches this summer on the BBQ.

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Slowly simmered to a dark and mellow thickness these reductions are our latest creation from the edible gardens kitchen.

Classic is dark and sweet with just a hint of fig.

Fig & Fire is smooth and rich using the Habanero peppers for a sweet heat that is irresistible.

Garlic & Rosemary is full of robust flavour with a hint of sweet Rosemary ,

Espresso is made from dark rich Espresso Beans from Italy.

Pumpkin Chai tastes like Pumpkin Spice made from exotic spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger.

 Pomegranate Reduction

beautifully red with real pomegranate juice this is a treat on goat cheese, with feta on spinach and cool cucumbers.

Strawberry & Fig

New this SPRING! Delicious fresh Fraser Valley Strawberries marry with sun kissed deep dark robust figs.

Our Balsamic reductions will add sweet savory tones to your favorite foods.  Proudly GLUTEN FREE  these 6 sisters to the edible garden family have been well received by our customers who love the 6 very different flavours.  Starting with aged 100% balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy, our reductions are a labour of love using time and slow heat to marry the balsamic with sun kissed fruits and herbs.  Simply sensational right out of the bottle, as a glaze or marinade, edible gardens Balsamic Reductions are fun and flavorful and wildly successful!  It is our pleasure to simmer the balsamic into these jewels for you to enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Balsamic Reductions

    • Aloha Doreen! So great to hear you love our Fig & Fire Reduction. We are not on the islands of Hawaii yet, but I would be happy to send you a bottle with our new shipping service. Please send me your address and Ill be able to provide you with a quote on shipping costs. You can email us at

  1. hi there, I have the Classic reduction and wondering if it has to be stored in the refridgerator after opening?

    • Hi and thanks so much for writing to us at edible gardens. Our balsamic reductions are shelf stable, meaning you do not have to refrigerate them. However if you do put them in the fridge they are perfectly fine. Some reductions say DO NOT REFRIGERATE, and thats because they have a large amount of sugar and will solidify, much like honey. Thanks for using our products and hope you try all of our different flavours! Cheers, Leigh

  2. I tryed Balsamic Reduction fig and Fire, and just love it. I tried it in Lake Cowichans Country Grocer, but when I returned to buy another found they do not stock it. Where can I buy another bottle on Vancouver Island

  3. Hi. Visited my daughter in Portland and tried Fig and Fire and it was amazing!!!! How can I order a bottle or 2. I live in Cleveland Ohio.

  4. Is there anywhere to buy your products online? I bought a bottle at a cheese shop in B.C. but don’t want to have to drive all the way back to the cheese shop. I am in Hope, B.C.

    • Hi Shelley, Thanks for loving our products and finding them at artisan stores throughout BC. We ship all over North America, so we can easily ship some balsamic your way. Please find a detailed email in your inbox, with more info on how to get edible gardens delivered right to your door.
      Cheers for now!

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