Happy Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving weekend is just around the corner. Our Chai Balsamic tastes just like Pumpkin Spice and is a sure winner with roasted peppers, summer squash and root vegetables. As a glaze or to gently caramelize your vegetables, this is my go to. The spicy combination of cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla give you a warm autumn flavour in just one bottle.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers! We are so grateful for your continued support!


In this time of global uncertainty we are doing everything we can to keep your pantries stocked with delicious balsamic that can make meals enjoyable as we all learn to stay In, and eat as a family again.

As many of your favorite specialty stores may have closed due to the pandemic, we are still able as a small family business, to keep our mail orders moving.

Our website has lots of great recipes incase you are finding meal planning is becoming a chore, and sending a bottle of delicious balsamic to your friends, is a great way to say you are thinking of them without the physical closeness.

Stay Safe, Stay In, and let’s do our part to keep Canada strong.

We wish you the best of health,


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Sweet Valentine

This Valentines, try dipping strawberries in our fabulous 18 year Reserve Balsamic for a truly decadent dessert,


You will love to use the Strawberry Fig Balsamic Reduction on these easy appetizers with seasonal fruit and melted cheese on hot flat bread.Grilled-Blackberry-Strawberry-Basil-and-Brie-Pizza-Crisp-with-Honey-Balsamic-Glazecropped-poached-pears.jpg

The Fig & Fire Reduction is a hit on poached pears for Valentines, giving the succulent pears a nice kick of heat. Have fun creating these Valentines treats for your loved ones.

Happy Hearts!