Slow-Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic Rosemary Reduction

roast tomato & garlic_1

These are fabulous right out of the oven and mixed with Ricotta or cream cheese to spread on crackers or dark rye herb bread.  I take a basket of cherry tomatoes cut in half, 6 or 7 peeled and slivered garlic cloves, edible gardens Basil Oil, and edible gardens Garlic & Rosemary Reduction and I’m set. Heat oven 350F. Spread parchment on baking tray, or not. Spread tomatoes and garlic on tray and drizzle with our Basil Oil (which is great for high temperatures as it is Grape seed Oil)  and 2 Tbsp edible gardens Garlic & Rosemary Balsamic Reduction. Toss at least once during the hour in the oven until the tomatoes soften and garlic is roasted. Remove from tray and mix with Ricotta and some fresh herbs (optional) and spread on crackers or dark rye or other varieties of artisan bread, with a little drizzle of reduction for presentation.

roast tomato garlic toasts_10_kim

Delicious as a warm winter appetizer!

Bundle Up out there today!