September and a Sad Goodbye to Summer

This September will be very different for our family. Instead of spending those last warm weekends  together enjoying a bike ride and BBQ, I’ll be back in Ontario with our daughter settling her in for her first year of University life.

Where oh where did that time evaporate? She spent so many afternoon naps under my booth at the first White Rock Farmers’ Market or in Dunsmuir Gardens where we nurtured a wonderful herb and homeopathic organic plot.

She was the reason I started edible gardens, convinced I could job share and have a business to grow and nurture while allowing me to spend more time with my child.

It turned out to be an amazing plan, and one I encourage all new Moms to try.

I will say that having a child and job and a new fledging business is not easy, but it does allow you to catch moments when you can, and on your schedule, and if you are focused on this, many moments add up to be treasured and savoured.

Your child will see what it takes to be an entrepreneur first hand, and cut their teeth on the hard work and dedication it takes to make a business viable.  They will also learn about sacrifice and success.  Real life in action!

This September I hope you can find the time to savour those last few warm days of the year. Here is an idea that I hope you will try. GRILLED PEACHES on the BBQ. Take some of those magnificent peaches ripening this month, and try this quick summer dish. Cut your peaches and remove the pit (Freestone Peaches are easy to work with for this.) Score the inside of the peach so the edible gardens Balsamic Reduction can soak in. Drizzle some Fig & Fire or Classic Balsamic Reduction on top of the seared peaches and skin side down,images place on a hot grill until you can see the tiny bubbles starting to form on the top of the peaches. This will show you the heat is penetrating through to the top and slowly cooking your peaches. Serve with Vanilla Bean ice cream, or with main course dishes like chicken or sole. A delightful way to wish summer a fond farewell!

Love to Hear from you!

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