Sunday is Father’s Day

“We never get over our fathers, and we’re not required to. (Irish Proverb)”

This Sunday do what Dad’s love. Have a BBQ. What makes extra special dinner conversation is how you will finish the sirloin or the grilled asparagus if he’s vegetarian.

A tiny slice of blue cheese melting over a sirloin steak, and a drizzle of edible gardens Espresso Balsamic Reduction will take the meal up a notch or two. These little steak flank rolls have been filled with sautéed veggies and finished with a warm drizzle of reduction.


Our Espresso Reduction is dark and rich with a beautiful espresso bean flavour and aroma because unlike others, we make it from fresh espresso beans. It’s a natural partner for anything off the grill, from ribs and hamburgers to grilled veggies and skewers.


But don’t forget about Dessert.  Our ESPRESSO Balsamic Reduction is perfect on vanilla bean ice cream.  Add some peaches if you like or shaved chocolate is always a winner.DSC_0081


Happy Father’s Day to Dad! Thanks for being my best friend.

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